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Pharmacosmos CRO

Pharmacosmos CRO
Unique access to optimized global development
We offer unique access to optimized global medical product development for European biotech and pharmaceutical companies:
• Integrated development planning through a senior development team
• Patient recruitment in key global geographies through validated partners
• Flexibility and agility of an SME
• Global regulatory track record
• Single point of contact
We have a track record for bringing new products from concept through to commercialization together with our dedicated and validated partner network.
We have achieved registrations in more than 50 countries and registration times of less than 3 years from first-in-human to first registration.
Our team provides the optimal solution to secure your specific milestones and regulatory objectives to satisfy your investors. What ever your needs, we always focus on delivering high quality solutions

Our approach
Optimizing global medical product development
Our approach is to keep an in-house team of development executives to handle the strategic planning and manage plan execution. Execution is done through a global network of validated and audited partners.
For European biotech companies this approach maximize the value creation through
• Easy access to a seasoned VP team of developers
• Track record from CMC through to commercialization
• Insight and experience to obtain key regulatory buy in from FDA and EMA
• Patient recruitment in key global geographies
For European pharmaceutical companies we add value through
• Combining European, US and Indian core competences when executing your studies
• Guiding and managing functional outsourcing of clinical development services
• Obtaining and maintaining global registrations through our network
This way we accelerate clinical development at reduced cost, add flexibility, and help companies expand their commercialization to the global market place.

Our team
Identifying the most optimal plan to achieve your specific development goals
Pharmacosmos CRO offers access to a seasoned VP team of developers spanning from CMC through to commercialization. Together, our team helps develop the most optimal plan to secure your specific development goals.

Primary contact
Jeppe Skytte 
Sales and Business Development Manager
MSc, PhD

Our VP team
Claes Christian Strom 
Vice President, Medical Affairs

Lars Lykke Thomsen
 Vice President, Chief Medical Officer

Kim Nordfjeld 
 Vice President, Quality and Registration
PhD Pharmacy

Jens Fabricius
 Vice President, Marketing and Business Operations
BCommerce, EMBA

Robert Guglielmetti 
Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
MSc Accounting

To learn more about Pharmacosmos CRO and our ability to secure your development milestone, please contact Jeppe Skytte:
Jeppe Skytte 
Sales and Business Development Manager
MSc, PhD

T: +45 59 48 59 85 (direct)
T: +45 22 84 26 56 (mobile)
Pharmacosmos CRO offices
Pharmacosmos CRO A/S
Roervangsvej 30
DK-4300 Holbaek
Learn more about Pharmacosmos
Visit our corporate website:

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