BioLogicMedia Showreel Summer 2011

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BioLogicMedia Showreel Summer 2011


We are making award-winning audio visual productions for Life science companies, institutions and organisations. From script to screen.

We Translate complex medical information into video productions that are
entertaining, informative, scientifically truthful and visually compelling.

With medical expertise, creative individuals and complete in-house
high-end film production, the company
can participate in all stages from the
birth of concepts and ideas to the execution and delivery of end-stage products.

1. LEARN is an interactive exhibition that takes the shape of an artistically made gigantic vein. It is a “hear-see-feel exhibition”, i.e. is focused on experienced-based learning. The exhibition communicates the esoteric nature of immune mediated inflammatory diseases; Autoimmune diseases that vary in their clinical manifestations, but share common underlying disease mechanisms Visitors can walk around inside the giant vein and see what goes on “when your body becomes your enemy”. The aim of LEARN is to address the stigmas, misperceptions, by increasing the awareness and knowledge of autoimmune diseases. The exhibition had World premiere on June 10th, 2009 in Copenhagen, Denmark, and is currently touring the globe.

2. Doctor Doctor - What is going on? A Hit on BBC.Jesper Eugen-Olsen and Bjørn Vidø worked with patient societies in Denmark to produce the catchy pop video. The Video has its own site on BBC. Check it and sing along.

3. Conference coverage and edutainment. BioLogic Media also offers to cover conference events as well as conference edutainment. An example of edutainment was the Nordic Meeting of Gastroenterology in Copenhagen 8-11 June 2009. In this case the aim was to boost a simple 45 minute dinner lecture on inflammation into an edutainment event. In just 3 days. The solution was to combine a classical power point presentation with live video, live music, light design, smoke machines and sound effects. BioLogic Media provided a thrilling presentation on inflammation to the conference-participating doctors.

4. Dissemination of research results. In most cases, medical research results in scientific publications that only reach peer researchers. At BioLogic Media, we bring the results of research to the general public. An example of this is an EU FP6 funded clinical trial carried out in Guinea-Bissau, West Africa. The study found that a simple blood test (The suPARnostic® assay, ViroGates, Denmark) can predict post-hospital mortality.

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