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LEARN Music Video

About IMID.
Recorded in Copenhagen and New York.
This film is made by Jesper Eugen-Olsen and Bjørn Vidø 2009.

Audio: Autoimmune disease rock song
by Ouch Team
16th March 2010

Velvety voiced Jesper Eugen-Olsen (think the Barry White of academia) from Copenhagen University and service user Benta (President, Danish Colitis-Crohn Association) explain how they collaborated on a pop video to raise awareness of auto immune diseases. The song 'What Is Going On?' is performed by Danish band Dansk Flode (that's Danish Cream) with vocals (in English) from the good doctor and service users.

The doctor worked with user-led groups in Denmark to produce the incredibly catchy pop video, 'What Is Going On?'. The aim being to improve understanding of auto immune diseases. He joins us to talk about the inspiration behind the music video. Plus, service user Benta explains why the song provides an accessible way of explaining complex conditions to everyone.

Taken from Ouch! - BBC:

This is possibly the only song that you'll ever hear about autoimmune diseases, so may we suggest you make the most of it...

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About IMID.
Recorded in Copenhagen and New York.
This film is...
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